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Behind The Site And Author

About The Site:

All Digital Comtech is a news site which is specifically about the latest digital technology.

We provide a space for news coverage of the latest technology that will be the media for all person concerned and have a sense of concern for the progress and development of information technology and digital.

Our vision is to become a trusted media partners and insightful as well as having a unique flavor in news coverage of the latest and most popular.

Our goal is to share knowledge and pass it on to everyone.

About The Author:

Vansouri Pro is an Entrepreneur and Independent Author who concern on the development of technology primarily in the field of computerization and information technology.

Social media and gadget is one of the themes that are interesting to reviewed including recent news related to information technology.

With a unique style, Vansouri Pro would like to always show a fresh and exciting writing and insightful ideas without the interference of interests.

Honest and profound is the motto that always held as vision in any writing.