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Why Is "Heartbreak Song" Adele Success?

The second Album by singer Adele comes from the United Kingdom entitled "21" to be the best in the Grammy Awards 2012. How the whole song album "broken heart" voicing this can bring success? Psychologists have the answer.

Twenty years ago, psychologist from United Kingdom, Joh Sloboda simple experiment. He urged music lovers show verse song that makes people cringe or shed a tear. A fast pattern identified by Sloboda: from 20 poems that drain tears, 18 of which are constitutes of musical ornament called "appoggiatura".

Appoggiatura in principle is the tone that was merged with the melody so it would create. "The tone of this building tension to the listeners," said psychologists from the University of British Columbia's Martin Guhn.

When harmony in tune, the inner listener feels as if nestled a sense of cool. Appoggiatura made a bumpy creates a sense of tense and relieved successive. This creates a feeling of chaos, sparking strong reactions, that's when the tears trickle.

Songs from Adele titled "Someone Like You" using ornaments appoggiatura who took the theory of Sloboda. To reinforce the atmosphere, Adele played a long tone sound when played on the chorus, followed by the emergence of New Harmony.

Verse chorus "Never mind I find someone like you ..." on the song singing by raising the tone to one octave, framed with the reinforcement of sound volume. Harmony shifted, and then closed with a dramatic verse "Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead".

When the music veers from the pattern of patterns that have been built, the destruction of harmony that triggers the onset of vigilance of the nervous system. Passions which arise usually depend on the mood, can be sad or joyful.

If the song “Someone Like You” creates music "Heartbreak" is a strong, why keep listeners love it? Research by Robert Zattory from McGill University mentions that music that touches the emotions create the body releases dopamine from the Middle brain. The same hormones released when humans consume food, doing sexual activity, or consume drugs. Zattory said at the conclusion, the more provocative a song is, the more frequently the listener will loop.

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