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RIM Confident with BlackBerry 10

Although the new BlackBerry 10 smartphone will be present at the end of the year, but Chief Executive Officer Research In Motion Thorsten Heins said the new generation of BlackBerry software is ready to compete.

The statement was delivered by Heins, to the developers of the application in a BlackBerry developer conference in Amsterdam, yesterday. This Conference focuses on making applications for smartphone and BlackBerry tablet.

This is an official speech of Heins since he held the CEO of RIM on 23 January. Heins, in his speech, assuring the participants of the Conference that RIM remains confident facing competition in the market for Smartphones that is now controlled by Apple, Google, and Samsung.

"The smartphone market is still young and there are still great opportunities for the RIM, both from the side of consumers and business," said Heins, quoted Reuters, Wednesday, 8 February 2012.

RIM, Heins said will continue to innovate. Through a new operating system based on QNX, a new growth curve will be created.

He believes that new technologies will be used in BlackBerry 10 device will be a "new paradigm" that can be used for home, car, smart cell phones and tablets.

Although the BlackBerry market continued to suffer pressure from Apple and Samsung, RIM does not plan to speed up the presence of BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Heins was not sure when a new phone that will be present on the market. Clearly his opinion, mobile phones will be out at the end of the year.

In December last year, RIM will delay the launch of a mobile state-based BlackBerry 10 until the end of 2012 because of still waiting for availability of cip are high-powered.

Citing the results of the GfK market research, Heins said that BlackBerry smartphone is still number one in the United Kingdom, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and the Netherlands. As for BlackBerry application has been downloaded as many as two billion times. As well as six million BlackBerry application has been downloaded every day.

"These statistics are interesting. With all the negative publicity lately, this data to put things in context and BlackBerry have done things well, "said Ryan Hall, an application developer and Director of Nice Agency in London.

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