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Review Zotac Zbox AD02 Desktop Computer

Barebone device is intended for those who want to build cost-efficient PC, either from the electrical power and space. This device is suitable for HTPC that can be placed anywhere because of practical size. Support is also easy wireless connection connected to the internet from anywhere. If multiple components to add own these devices do not pose a problem for you, Zotac ZBox can be an attractive option.

Dual core AMD processor-based E-350 juxtaposed with the formidable HD6310 Radeon graphics to meet the needs of multimedia in high definition.

Although AiO PC are crowded eye-popping, barebone device is still able to survive with the option as well as a wide array of variations. One of them offered Zotac Zbox AD02 equipped all the latest connectivity options, energy-saving components, as well as tough.

If AiO PC have components that are complete, barebone device is a PC system that is still to be added various components in order to function properly. So you have to add some components according the specifications it supports. Although impressed, you have a rather inconvenient to specify the spaciousness enhancement as required.

Processors that have been plugged in in this product are the AMD E-350 dual-core processors with clock of 1.6 GHz. Processor codenamed Zacate is indeed famous for it's use of thrifty resources (with the support of TDP-18 watts). The CPU is equipped with an AMD chipset A50M who already have integrated graphics are MSI Radeon HD6310.

Although the included devices for entry level, this chip has the advantage that it supports DirectX 11. Moreover, it also has embedded block UVD3 (Universal Video Decoder) that can perform a high-definition video encoding hardware. Thus, you can make use of them to play a variety of video Full HD just fine. So this combination definitely has the ability better than Intel GMA graphics chip which is a couple Intel Atom processor.

Zotac Zbox AD02 do not include hard disk and memory. So you can just add a hard drive with a 2.5-inch SATA connections (commonly used in notebook), and also a SODIMM DDR3-1066 memory up to 8 GB maximum capacity (in two slots).

In terms of Internet connectivity and network, you can rely on the LAN port (or USB for connection to a modem). The USB Port can also be used for wireless connection using a wireless USB adapter. But don't forget, the wireless devices already integrated in it. So you can freely put this product anywhere with Internet access can still rely on hotspots.

Plus: Practical; save energy and space; the latest complete connection (DVI, HDMI, eSATA, USB 3.0, WiFi).

Minus: not provided space for the internal optical drive; encoding video is slow.

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4
  • Facilities: 4.15
  • Convenience: 3.75
  • Price: 4
  • Total Score: 4

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Zotac ZBOX AD02 Desktop Computer - AMD Fusion E-350 1.60 GHz - Mini PC - Black. ZBOX SFF FUSION E350 DDR3-1066 WIFI US PLUG SFF. AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics Card - Wi-Fi - HDMI - DVI

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