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Review Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

As a smartphone with a typical mobile gaming, Xperia Play actually somewhat difficult compete mainly on price segment. Design concepts such as Playstation indeed interesting. But on the other hand, to support the needs of gaming itself, Xperia Play hardware specification sort are not sufficient. However, as the smartphone, Xperia Play quite entertaining and satisfying.

With a similar control devices of portable games, Xperia Play offers mobile gaming experience that is different from its competitors.

Want to know what comes to minds us when we see Xperia Play? This device is similar to the PSP (Playstation Portable) handheld console made by Sony Ericsson's parent company Sony Corp., which is a very popular especially among game lover. Indeed, the rumors Sony Ericsson will release "Playstation Phone" had been circulating for quite a while. Eventually it was realized the real newspaper in Xperia Play. Not only that, the Xperia Play claimed to be the first Android smartphone that certified Playstation (Playstation® Certified).

This certification States that some games, especially those that licensed Sony Computer Entertainment, can only be run on the Xperia Play. Examples are some of the early generation of Playstation Games (PS1) is available on the Market, designed specifically for Xperia Play. Once installed, various game will go on in the library "Playstation Pocket". Based on an experimental play some games, we assume that the Pocket is a kind of application Playstation "official emulator" Sony Ericsson. This application has been optimized in order to be able to run well.

In addition, Xperia Play also has a special game that runs directly on the Android OS and not running via emulation. To access it, please move the body and this will open the smartphone game Gallery automatically. Of the few games that are included in the package, we're quite pleased because the buttons of his gaming really made us as if playing a game with handheld console. You also can still play the other games on the Android Xperia though not designed to Play. However, if you play such games, gaming controls to not function.

From the design side, Xperia Play has a pretty good appearance. The back of the shiny gives an impression of elegant though could not be denied a body behind it was to be a fingerprint magnet. In the meantime, the sliding that contain the buttons of his gaming became the largest contributor to the thickness of the cell phone as a whole. Unfortunately, the controls such as the Playstation this to us seems too small that when playing a bit longer, since one has broken our hands.

As an Android smartphone, Xperia Play equipped hardware which are reliable. The device is equipped MSM8655 1 GHz processor from Qualcomm. This is indeed not the CPU is the fastest, but already suffice to provide good performance. Capacity of main system memory (RAM) for 512 MB help so that the performance of multi-tasking can still run well. Proven when we use everyday, there is no gap means that disturbing. All the events run seamlessly.

A multimedia affair on the Xperia Play also seems to be noticed by Sony Ericsson. With the stereo speakers are loud, not just gaming, watching a video (with support for up to 720p) or play music more enjoyable. Dock accessories that are available to make you come across more Xperia Play draws on the table. This phone can be connected easily to devices sound system through the stereo output jack on the dock.

Plus: artificial Playstation output Control, stereo speakers-good

Minus: a thick Body, that of classmate smartphone

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 3.75
  • Facilities: 4.25
  • Ease: 4
  • Price: 3.5
  • Total Score: 3.75

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play R800i Unlocked Phone and Gaming Device with Android OS and Slide-Out Gamepad

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