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Review Samsung S23A550H LED Monitor

Samsung S23A550H is LCD monitor with backlight LED which is full of "Magic". There are at least 4 Magic provided: MagicBright3, MagicAngle, MagicColor and MagicTune,.

Contains a number of preset settings MagicBright3 display screen which is optimum for certain conditions, for example, to play games or watch movies. MagicColor claimed capable of displaying natural colors with more clear. Allows you set the monitor MagicTune is through the Windows. As for your chosen position MagicAngle allows you in viewing the screen. Furthermore, the Samsung S23A550H will optimize the display screen according to the position that you last. Interesting, but wish it could automatically (no need to choose manually), it would be okay.

In addition, Samsung also provided a number of other facilities, including the Eco. This feature offers many options for saving energy. One of them is the Eco Motion Sensor can detect movement up front. When there is no movement in the specified time, the monitor will do energy saving (e.g. reducing the brightness level). When you come back, the screen will return to the light.

Performance monitor 23" is interesting, stand base that transparent, but how the ability of generated images? While displaying gradations of colors red, green, blue, and white, some value less than could be displayed properly. It's brightness level is also not completely evenly. With regard to text, 7-point Arial can still be read with relatively clear. Overall, it looks good including.

Plus: lots of features, appearance is pretty okay.

Minus: MagicAngle yet detect position automatically.

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Samsung S23A550H 23-Inch Class LED Monitor - Black

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