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Person Behind The Success of Facebook

Behind the success of Facebook, there are 21 employees are the first generation that built this company. However, 18 people were thus now not working in Facebook with a variety of personal reasons. Anyone of them?

Four people choose move to other technology companies, here they are.

1. Steve Chen
Is a Senior Software Engineer at Facebook who worked only a few months on Facebook in 2005. He came out and became one of the founders of Youtube.

2. Nick Heyman
Is Facebook Director of operations from April 2005 to January 2007. He currently works as the Manager of operations of Twitter.

3. Dan Neff
Is the Build or Realese Facebook Engineer since May 2005 to October 2005. He currently works as the Lead in Realease or Operations of Adobe Systems.

4. Gilles Mischler
Is a Facebook Engineer SiteOps since June 2005 until May 2010. He currently works as a Network Engineer, Nokia.

Two people choose founded his own startup company.

1. Dustin Moskovitz
Is the CTO of Facebook's first ever become roommates Zuckerberg at Harvard. He followed the footsteps of Zuckerberg to drop out of Harvard and moved to California to build on Facebook.

Working on Facebook from February 2004 to November 2009. Moskovitz currently already working on Moskovitz Asana, a startup that he built himself.

2. Adam D'Angelo
Is the CTO of Facebook since November 2006. D'Angelo is a HIGH SCHOOL friend of Zuckerberg. Now he is leaving Facebook and set up a startup Quora.

Four people is not known of its existence and of his new place of work:

1. Andrew McColum
McColum is the one who first designed the logo of Facebook. Working as an engineer for Facebook from February 2004 to September 2006. There has been no news, where he works now.

2. Ezra Callahan
Is my roommate Sean Parker. Previous Internal Communication as Manager and Product Manager for Facebook since December 2004 until July 2010. There has been no news, where he works now.

3. Naomi Gleit
Is a Product Manager On Facebook's Growth since April 2005. Latest news about unknown where Gleit work now.

4. James Pereira
Is a Facebook Engineer since July 2004 to August 2007. Up to now, nobody knows where its presence and where she worked after leaving Facebook.

Eight people have diverse profession once out of Facebook:

1. Chris Hughes
One of the founders of Facebook who worked since February 2004. Has now become the Executive Director in the firm Jumo and leave Facebook.

2. Eduardo Saverin
Is the CFO's first Facebook and became one of the founders of Facebook. Now he get out of Facebook and more active as an Angel Investor.

3. Taner Halicioglu
Is a Senior Developer or Techie Facebook Operational since October 2004 to November 2009. Now the Lead Engineer of Reliability on (Blizzard Entertainment).

4. Sean Parker
Is the Founding President of Facebook who joined since June 2004 to January 2006. His last position was President of Facebook. He became a founder or leader Causes on facebook and Managing Partner at Founder Fund.

5. Matt Cohler
Is Facebook's Vice President of Product Management since February 2005 until October 2008. Today he works as a General Partner at Benchmark Capital.

6. Tricia Black
Is the Vice President of Advertising Sales for Facebook since March 2005 through June 2006. She currently works as a private consultant in the employees of other companies.

7. Steve King
Is Facebook's Director of Media Sales since April 2005 to July 2006. He became a Vice President at LocalMedia.

8. Scott Marlette
Is an Engineer, Product Manager for Facebook ever since June 2005 through January 2010. He who builds Facebook photo application. Now he became Chief Pilot on the Idea Man.

Among all employees first Facebook, only left three people which is still true with Facebook:

1. Mark Zuckerberg
Is the founder of Facebook design social networking websites there are blue because he was color-blind and unable to distinguish between red and green. However, not many know about this.

2. Aaron Sittig
Is a Design Strategy Lead Facebook since May 2005 to the present. He was the first to have the concept of "tag friend" in a Facebook photo. Up to now, Sittig is still working on Facebook.

3. Kevin Colleran
Is Facebook a Global Partnerships to work since April 2005 to the present. Colleran is one who still faithfully with Facebook and accompanying Zuckerberg developed this company.

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