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Most Google+ Users Man & Bachelorette

Google Plus
The social networking Google+ turned out to be much more dominated by male users. Where two-thirds of the 90 million users of this site are mostly men. According to the latest report from the research of NetworkWorld.

This is inversely proportional to Facebook, because in the United States (US) user of these sites utilized by women. According to NetworkWorld, the popularity of Google+ still dominated in the US and India. Where most are students, with controlled scope of 20 percent.

When categorized by occupation, then the profession on Google+ is composed of software engineers (2.65 percent), consultants (1.99 percent), and manager (1.72 percent). The USA is the largest user of 31.5 percent with market and India in second position with 13.7 percent.

Offered from The Next Web, most or 42 percent user Google+ is single and 27.4 percent are married, and have a couple or commitment of 19.3 percent.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg and Google CEO Larry Page are the three accounts are most numerous in terms of number of friends (followers). While for a segment of the company, the brand most widely followed is, H & M, Samsung USA and Pepsi. While the media are popular on Google+ ESPN, BBC News and Mashable.

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