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Kinect for Windows Start Shipped

Microsoft announced that the Kinect for Windows is already available and ready to be used in Windows 7, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows 8 Developer Preview (desktop software).

Kinect is enhancements that allow control of the game using the movement of the body, hands or feet, even by voice.

A device with a motion sensor for this is only officially available as devices supporting the XBox gaming console that has been though a lot of hackers reverse engineer in order to be used on a PC.

With Kinect for Windows, computer users (Windows OS) can provide a command or game play through hand gestures or voice.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today delivered a keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012, Monday (9/1/2011) night in Las Vegas, U.S. States that Kinect will be developed more broadly in order to be used for the wider application of simply not play games.

Ballmer believes Kinect will revolutionize the fields of education, health, business, etc.

To encourage utilization of Kinect in various sectors, Microsoft has hired a number of companies like United Health Group, Toyota, Telefonica, Mattel, American Express, Siemens, Unilever, and many more other companies. Such cooperation for developing applications under Windows for various Kinect uses appropriate industry.

In the field of education, demonstrating Microsoft Kinect to support utilization of education through the impressions of Sesame Street. With the application of Kinect, children are not just watching a video Sesame Street, but can interact with the characters on the TV screen.

For example as if throwing stuff to the character in the TV. In the video which was presented, Kinect is also used for playing music on a virtual machine, learn, help unloading pairs of teachers teaching in the classroom, and exercising.

Kinect for Windows is different with Kinect for Xbox 360, both in hardware and software, according to internal Microsoft sources. Microsoft designed the special Kinect for Windows, customize the characters use a computer necessarily vary with the gaming console Xbox.

For example, the matter of distance between the ideal device with sensors Kinect. On the Xbox 360 which is designed for use in the family room, the minimum distance for optimal usage is 5 meters.

This requirement certainly could not have applied for the PC, because it certainly is too far. To that end, Microsoft will make "Near Mode" which allows the distance between the camera sensor Kinect with the PC quite 40 centimeters.

Kinect device for Windows is available in 12 countries with a retail price of 249 US dollars and 149 US dollars for education.

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