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"Home Entertainment" Android from Google

Google rumored to be entering the multimedia business by making the wireless home entertainment system-based Android. This project allows the user can download the digital content and streaming from electronic devices.

Reportedly, Google will also produce the speakers to complement its device collection.

Google had previously built a cloud computing-based online music called Google Music, consisting of songs and albums, which integrates with social networking Google+. Google Music makes the user can store and play music.

Building a hardware device does not part of Google. For Android, for example, Google does not produce its own Android devices, but teamed up with mobile phone manufacturers.

Google TV though, not television devices produced by Google. Google only provides the software for this smart television.

Then, analysts skeptical of Google will get serious in the hardware business, especially in electronic devices. Roger Kay, President of Endpoint Technologies Associates, suggest Google made a prototype for running Google software.

However, Google has actually had the weapons to complete the project, home entertainment Music Google and YouTube.

Google doesn't seem to want to emulate Apple's success with the step project multimedia. Apple's success makes the ecosystem by combining the capabilities of software, digital multimedia content, as well as hardware, such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Until this news was written, Google is still not willing to provide confirmation.

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