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Hackers Breaking Server iPad factory

Treatment of Apple's partners in China, Foxconn, which arbitrarily against employees encourage a group of hackers breaking into computer systems of companies where the manufacture of the iPhone and iPad. They are doing so to show solidarity towards workers at Foxconn factory, particularly the Division of the iPad.

A group of hackers announced the success of Foxconn server break-ins, which is on Pastebin. As known, Foxconn, aside from being the main partners Apple, is also manufacturing plants supplying the technology companies, such as HP, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and Dell.

This group of hackers who managed to publish a collection of files stolen from the Foxconn website via files sharing service the Pirate Bay. File size is 16 MB which consists of 25 spreadsheet contains a text document.

One document entitled "Company_Sensitive_information .txt" contain important login information that can make someone do a fake order under the company name of Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, and Dell.

"I can confirm that the file contains 700 username and password and Apple, IBM, Dell, and Microsoft are in the list. The File also contains a link to a website Foxconn to do the order, "said hacker.

Hacker’s action is recognized as a criticism of the article that published the New York Times about the fate of workers at Foxconn factory that produces the iPad.

The name Apple then a little of China with this coverage. Hackers attack essentially for the purpose of criticizing Foxconn working conditions at Foxconn's factories, not to attack Apple.

However, beyond that, a petition from a number of groups has sprung up again. Two of them, clearly mention the Apple in the petition.

The first petition titled "Apple: Protect Workers Making iPhones in Chinese Factories has been signed by 201.032 people from the target of 300,000 signatures.

The second petition, titled "Apple: Make the iPhone 5 ethically" has been signed by 58.040 people, the target of 60,000 signatures.

Until the news was written, Foxconn website still offline after being attacked by hackers. It is delivered by Swagg Security in their Twitter account, which claims to be responsible for the attack.

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