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Galaxy S2 Plus Release This February

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S III will not be launched at the World Mobile Congress (WMC) in Barcelona, Spain, end of February 2012.

Then, what will the buzz of Samsung in the WMC 2012 later?

Instead, the smartphone vendors coming from South Korea was rumored to be introduced its newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S2 Plus, which will continue the successful Galaxy S II.

According to rumors circulating, Galaxy S2 Plus will be provided with higher specs than its predecessor, yet experienced no significant changes.

If Galaxy S II uses a processor dual core with 1.2 GHz clock speed, then the Galaxy S2 Plus will be embedded processor dual core 1.5 GHZ. System operations have also been using Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwiches.

The changes will also occur from the side of the design. Based on the photos circulating on the internet, the Galaxy S2 Plus will experience changes in the arrangement of the capacitive button located below the screen.

If the capacitive button arrangement on Galaxy S II is: Menu, Home, and Back (left to right), then the Galaxy S2 Plus, the arrangement was changed to: Back, Home, and Menu. This arrangement is the same as the capacitive Galaxy Nexus.

WMC 2012 will be held a few weeks away, so you don't have to wait long to find out the news from the Galaxy S2 Plus.

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