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Firefox 10 for Android Released

Mozilla's Firefox browser has just released version 10 for Android devices. There is some progress and updates provided in this version. Unfortunately, Firefox 10 has yet to support Adobe Flash.

Quoted from the official blog of Mozilla, Firefox 10 had indeed not supporting Flash and some other plug-ins.

However, overall the Firefox for Android browser options can be quite strong and fast. Moreover, this version already supports HTML 5. For those of you who are interested, can download it in the Android Market.

There are some important updates in Firefox for Android, which is anti-aliasing for WebGL, which has now been implemented so that it affects the softness while scrolling the screen.

While the fix, occurs on Firefox Sync feature, which simplifies the synchronization process history and bookmarks. There are also a handful of fixes of bugs that the previous block of HTML 5.

In addition to Android, Firefox 10 is also available for the personal computer (PC). From the side view, Firefox is not a lot of changes compared to the previous version. Firefox for PC can be downloaded here.

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