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Final Results : Google Officially Owns Motorola

Google Officially Owns Motorola
United States and Europe, regulators have approved Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. of 12.5 billion dollars and they say keep watching to make sure important patents are licensed telecommunication industry with reasonable prices.

This is one of a series of accords on Monday (1/2/2012) underscores technology companies struggle to get a large pool of patents, according to Reuters in their reports.

The U.S. Department of Justice also bless coming consortium led by Apple Inc bought wealth Canada company is bankrupt patent, Nortel Networks Corp., and signed a purchase Novell Inc. patent by Apple.

Google's attempt to buy Motorola, following 17,000 patents and patent applications of 7,500, was seen as a move to compete with rivals like Apple and defend its Android mobile phone manufacturers in patent litigation.

The largest acquisition in the history of Google, also going to mark the most significant Internet giant steps that plunge into the hardware business — a market where he has little experience.

Some investor’s worry that Google's profit margin will probably be "hurt" when a hardware manufacturer, although Google says it intends to run the Motorola as a separate business unit.

But, the regulator in China, Taiwan, and Israel has yet to sign off on the purchase of Motorola by Google.

"This merger Decision does not and will not mean that we are not concerned with the possibility that after Google has this portfolio, Google may be abusing this patent, connecting multiple patents with his Android device. This worries us, "said Joaquin Almunia of the EU competition Commission told reporters in Brussels.

Regulators in China have a chance until March 20 to decide whether to approve the deal or start the third phase of the review, according to a source close to the matter.

The purchase will make Google has one of the largest patent library in the mobile phone industry, as well as into manufacturing hardware that allows the Internet giant it is developing its own mobile phone product lines.

Google, new entrants in the mobile phone market, has been sued for patent infringement by Oracle Corp. requesting damages up to 6 billion dollars.

Google's move to buy Motorola Mobility occurs shortly after he tried and failed to buy Nortel's patent. The winner was a consortium led by Apple, in which there is Research in Motion Ltd., Microsoft Corp., EMC Corp., Ericsson, and Sony Corp.

They agreed in July to pay 4.5 billion dollars to 6,000 patents and patent applications.

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