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Dell Venue Smartphone Review

Performance Dell Venue is indeed attractive. Luxurious attached Venue makes you proud of this Smartphone gunned. Which is a pity, Dell does not (or not yet?) provide updates for the Venue. Indeed in general performance Venue was good. However, it doesn't hurt to get performance improvements via the operating system update.

With diverse and interesting features, the Dell Venue appeared self-confident to compete with Android Smartphone to other brands.

As a well-known producer who penetrated the world of Android, Dell does not only have a tablet computer (Dell Streak), but also a Smartphone. Via Venue, Dell seems to believe will be able to attract the attention of the market, one of them because of the big name Dell itself.

This Smartphone has two product variant. The first version of "plain" Venues that use the Android operating system. Second, the Venue Pro Windows Phone.

Can not be denied a Venue that has a physical attraction. A part from the shiny chrome accents along with the list on the left and right side of his body to present the impression of luxury and premium. Cool again, the front is protected by Gorilla Glass which is resistant to several physical disorders such as scratch and collisions. The tow uses a kind of plastic that has a texture that serves beautify also solidify their grasp.

The volume button and the shutter camera are placed on the right side, while a unique button located on the left side. There is a sliding button on the left side that serves to activate the Silent mode, similar to the iPhone. Venue elliptical if viewed from the side, top or bottom so the overall look unique.

Now it's time peek "offal" Venues. We are a little disappointed because it turns out Venues still use Android version 2.2 and up until this article was written, we have not discovered version of the next update (version 2.3). While the hardware, though quite fast (1 GHz), Snapdragon QSD 8250 included belongs to vintage. Fortunately this device is equipped with 512 MB of main memory so during use, we are not experiencing a pause is annoying.

Dell also provides capacity internal memory (storage) a hefty, amounting to 500 MB. The application is installed, by default the Venues are already hooked up to some applications like QuickOffice, Kindle – an e-book reader, and Dell Sync to handle synchronization events.

Interestingly, there is a typical Stage Widgets widget component Stage UI Venue. This featured content Widget stage appropriate categories (e.g. music or Gallery) which will then be displayed in full screen.

For those who like to take a picture, the camera 8 megapixel owned Dell Venue will become a "potent" weapon. This is because the result is quite good for portraits class of smart phones. Unfortunately, the camera is not available for video calling. In addition, the quality of the video, even though it is already producing 720 p HD resolutions, still a bit disappointing. The presence of the filter Noise Reduction presumably is the source of that reduces the overall image quality.

Plus: the performance is quite good, Gorilla Glass, the physical appearance looks classy.

Minus: still Android 2.2, video recording quality is good enough.

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 3.5
  • Facilities: 4
  • Convenience: 4
  • Price: 3.5
  • Total Score: 3.75

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Dell Venue Pro Unlocked Phone with Windows 7 OS, 5MP Camera, GPS and FM Radio - Unlocked Phone - US Warranty - Black

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