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Asus EAH 6850 DirectCU DC/2DIS/1GD5 Review

Asus EAH 6850 DirectCU DC/2DIS/1GD5 image
Asus presents a single graphics card using the DirectCU cooling system. Asus EAH 6850 DirectCU DC/2DIS/1GD5 it comes with a sleek appearance.

The size of the cards quite long equipped with cooling systems that have large fan DirectCU, aluminum heatsink, and heatpipe. This looks pretty hefty cooling thanks to cover the heatsink of black plastic material that is large enough to cover the entire cooling system.

Asus DirectCU coolers used EAH 6850 DirectCU DC/2DIS/1GD5 complement this graphics card specs is pretty high.

AMD-based graphics card Radeon HD 6850 has better specs than the standard specification. His core speed has been increased from 775 MHz be 790 MHz. Unfortunately speed memory stick standard specification. This should be upgraded slightly higher again.

Cooling system performance on Asus EAH 6850 DirectCU DC/2DIS/1GD5 this is good. This conditioning remains able to withstand this graphics card operating temperature below 70 degrees Celsius at full load conditions.

Graphics card also has a pretty good overclocking ability, though it has in-overclock from the factory. Moreover, with the additional feature voltage tweaks that could regulate voltage core graphics to achieve a higher speed again.

In standard voltage condition, we can get a performance improvement of approximately 10% higher after raising the core and memory speed to 900 MHz (core), and 4200 MHz (memory).

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