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Apple Want Galaxy Nexus Banned in USA

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Failing to sue in Germany, to stop selling Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Apple attempted to entirely in the United States.

Apple has launched a lawsuit for Galaxy Nexus in Germany about the slide to unlock feature. However, the Court in Germany rejected a ban on sales of Galaxy Nexus.

Last week, Apple is suing Samsung to return the product and the same patent. This time, Apple is asking a federal court in California, United States, to block sales of Galaxy Nexus in the United States.

Quoted from Reuters, in a suit filed last week in San José, USA, Apple says that Galaxy Nexus breaking patents on slide to unclock, voice commands that are similar to the series, and other features that make it easy for writing text on the touch screen.

A spokesman of Samsung until this news was reluctant to comment on the suit.

Galaxy Nexus is a Smartphone that Samsung made with Google. This became the first Smartphone using the Android operating system version 4.0 Ice Cream sandwiches.

Patent war between Apple and Samsung also occurs in a number of countries. Apple launched a lawsuit claiming persistent Smartphone and tablet of Galaxy has been cheating design and feel of the iPad and iPhone.

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