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War : Facebook & Twitter VS Google

Google steps that benefit Google+ in Google's search engine make a Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, are United to create a "weapon" to ward off.

A tool that is named "Don't be evil". The name was adopted from the motto of Google itself. Essentially, "Don't be evil" is an add-on (tool) to bring up search results that are more objective related social networking website in the world.

Early January 2012 ago, Google has done an update search system dubbed "Search, Plus Your World" (SPYW), it included features Personal Results, which can show search results more personal for its users.

If You do a search with Google, then on the right side of the page will show up a few relevant links from Google+. However, Google doesn't display links from other social networks.

Google's actions judged not fair by Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, because Google+ is at the forefront of the search results.

On the basis of that, the programmer of the three social networking make add-on "Don't be evil". This protest and warned Google to better focus serve what you're looking for users, not even promote their products.

To get the "Don't be evil", You should visit the site designed by programmers of three social networking.

This latest war amidst rampant protest the enactment of SOPA and PIPA. So, who will win the battle?

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