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Twitter : Censored Content

Twitter finally "caving in" to impose censorship on tweet with particular content originating from a particular country.

Tweet's with content that is originated from the request State censorship will be automatically censored by Twitter.

However, Twitter is not doing the deletion of such content, but to tell other users that in certain countries, the content is not allowed.

"Starting today, we ventured to more reactive towards content that originates from a specific country. However, we will pass it on to the global network, "wrote Twitter in his blog.

Is Twitter is, all the tweets that are censored by Twitter still appears in the global network. However, other users will know that the content does not appear in the requesting State censorship.

Twitter has teamed up with Chilling Effects, the site was able to observe the archives censored, then make a transparent sensor action.

According to Cynthia Wong from the Center for Democracy & Technology, Twitter is doing this because these threatened the social Web is blocked in some countries if it insists on rejecting censorship tweet's with certain content.

Twitter indeed is struggling in an effort to preserve the rights of its users, not voiceless tetapu affecting the political interests of certain countries.

Last year, Twitter is highlighted when anti-government demonstrators in Tunisia, Egypt, and Saudi coordinated en masse of this social networking.

This year, Twitter asked the Government to censor India related content criticizing the Government of India.

Although impose censorship, Twitter still sent a message to users to continue to feel the freedom to speak and express opinions.

Although local law policy in one country will limit this, Twitter emphasizes the following words:
"the tweets must continue to flow"
"defend and respect each user's voice"

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