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Thailand Support Twitter Censors

Twitter steps to perform local content censorship from many parties reap the protest. In the midst of the controversy, Twitter finally got international support from the Government of Thailand, first Monday (30/1/2012).

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Technology and Information Thailand, Jeerawan Boonperm, says, this is a step in Twitter "developments should be welcomed".

It will get in touch with Twitter to launch cooperation on local content that features sensor.

Not only from the Government, opposition groups also support such measures. Mallika Boonmetrakul of the Democratic Party, since the end of 2011, attempted to gather support for blocking social media sites from the West.

According to Boonmetrakul, Thailand should follow the example of Paget China in efforts to block the internet services that are considered disturbing the stability of the country.

The attitude taken by the Government of Thailand refers of Lese Majeste laws, a rule prohibiting residents mocked the Royal family of Thailand.

Activists in Thailand says, the Lese Majeste politicized and used as a tool of repression, not as a way to protect the monarchy.

Earlier, the Government of Thailand has asked Facebook to remove more than 10,000 pages of Lese Majeste, which is considered to be in violation of. YouTube has also been subject to complaints in 2006 ago.

Thailand succeeded in forcing YouTube to remove videos that are offensive to 225 of the Royal family. Not only that, no matter their citizens in Thailand restricts access YouTube.

A number of citizens of Thailand had been imprisoned for offending the Kingdom in postings on Facebook and the internet.

In 2011, a man aged 61 years got a 20-year prison sentence for sending short messages that insult the Royal family.

While a u.s. citizen who was born in Thailand was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for writing a biography of one of the King of Thailand.

So far, there has been no arrest or punishment is meted out to the citizens of Thailand are tweet on Twitter.

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