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Symantec Identifies Android Malware

Security Vendor Symantec claimed to have identified the biggest malware spreaders on the Google Android operating system, i.e. a trio of Publisher applications. Trojans spread named Android. Counterclank. The version of Android. older Tonclank were found in 13 applications with a total weekly reach millions of times.

In the Symantec blog says, "the total Number of downloads of all the evil Android application indicates that the Counterclank had spread most. high from any malware has been identified this year."

It is the third Publisher Iapps7 Inc., Ogre Games, and Redmicapps. Among them are the applications published
  • com.iapps.hitterrorist
  • com.iapps.hitterroristpro
  • com.christmasgame.balloon
  • redmicapps. com. ladies3 puzzles.
Currently, only five applications are still available in the Android Market, including Sexy Girls Photo Game and Deal & Be Millionaire. In the last 30 days, these applications are listed by number of installation of 1.5 million-5 million.

The code in an application that is the case with evil in a package named "Apperhand". The device may be infected with its data stolen or do activities that were not predicted. According to Symantec, this application is a copy of the evil of the official application.

A user suspected of strange behavior and discussed in a review, "He asked for the ability to add/removing icons from the home screen! When the game is executed the first time, it adds a ' Search ' icon suspicious to the home screen. Maybe the evil website or simply annoying advertising. " Symantec search icon as confirm the indicator of infection.

However, the Lookout, an institution that specializes in mobile security, says, "we do not agree with the assessment that this is malware although we believe that the Apperhand SDK [software development kit] is aggressive forms of ad networks and should be taken seriously."

The application is asking some permit awkward time of installation, including feature phones that can be, "specify phone numbers and serial number from that phone, whether it's active, numbers are calling the call and so on".

Symantec said the still investigating this issue and will send you more information after knowing more.

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