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Steve Jobs Comic Book Published

Steve Jobs the founder of a leading technology company Apple is not depleted. Though he's gone a few months ago due to illness, his works continue to be remembered. Even his life continues reviewed.

Steve Jobs biography of the life to be one of the popular book and a must-have for fans who famously fanatical.

After the end of the last Forbes released "The Zen of Steve Jobs", this month a new book from Publisher Komic Bluewater Productions titled Steve Jobs published.

Not like The Zen of Steve Jobs, who told friends jobs with Zen Priest kobun Otogawa Chino, a book entitled "Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple" tell about Steve Jobs career. The book is illustrated by Chris Smith and the front cover is done by DC artist Joe Phillips.

For you fans of Steve Jobs must be very unfortunate if the missed this one book.The book is available on and in stores for $3.99. It's also available in ebook form for both the Nook and Kindle.

Unfortunately the news about the death of steve jobs is not told in it.

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