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Sites That Are Monitored by FBI

Closure of Megaupload can indeed be the beginning of a dark age for file-sharing sites. The impact of the case made some similar sites feel threatened and take action on its own initiative before dragged down further, as did the FileSonic and FileJungle to turn off file sharing functionality.

Not only up there, it turns out that some sites have also been monitoring the FBI over charges of providing the services and for the file to save the content that is suspected of violating copyright. If copyright laws is the reason Megaupload closed, then it could be a type of site would be the next target of the FBI. Big names like 4Shared, Hotfile, RapidShare, MediaFire, up to The Pirate bay, could be endangered.

Recently has circulated an information where file sharing websites have been in control of the FBI. The Data published via the site mentions some has shut down its services and the FBI has investigated deviations. Among them are:

-FileServe, has put a stop to its premium services.
-UploadStation, locked in the United States.
-FileJungle, has removed all the saving and locked in the United States
-FileSonic, still under FBI scrutiny.
-VideoBB, was closed and has disappeared.
-Uploaded, was banned in the United States and the FBI were searching for the presence of its owner.
-FilePost, has been deleting all the files except the PDF and Txt.
-Videoz, closed and locked in any affiliated with the United States.
-4Shared, have removed the content owns the copyright and still waiting for the investigation of the FBI.
-MediaFire, summoned to testify in 90 days and must expose any saving to the FBI.
-Org torrent, will eliminate all content illegalnya for 30 days, and how the criminal investigation.
-Network Share mIRC, waiting for the decision to continue or stop the case.
-Koshiki, still fully operational in Japan and would not join the SOPA/pipeline.
-Shienko Box, still fully operational in China and Korea, won't join the SOPA/pipeline.
-ShareX BR, says it will join the SOPA/pipeline.

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