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Review Epson L800

Epson L800 series is capable of printing photos for more and being able to print the above pieces of CD/DVD which had plastered a paper label.

Print a photo image equivalent does not a new thing for inkjet printers. However one of the problems frequently encountered are regular ink capacity limitations are placed on the cartridge. With a capacity of no huge, ink will be sucked out if it is used to print photo quality images. Moreover, if You use the mode best photo that would "drain" the ink making it wasteful.
Well, hosted technology before forwarding, Epson L800 series offers a solution for you if you want to print your photos in bulk. The adoption of the same technology with Epson L100 and L200 series that have been present before, i.e. using the method of ink using infusion large tank capacity.

Epson L800 series ink colors used 6 consisting of cyan, magenta, yellow, black and light cyan and light magenta. With more color ink, Epson L800 series was able to produce sharper images. With a size of 70 ml perbotol, this product is capable of printing up to 1800 claimed sheet photo size 4R. As we try, to see that it can be proven. We try to print a photo in large quantities and invisible ink which may decrease the indicator. We are trying to print the images with the resolution of the best on paper size A4.

Traced from the side of the print speed, we find that a little faster than the same design as the "brothers" Epson L100 and L200 series. Although You will still find a snap vote while the print process starts, the volume is already somewhat reduced than ever before. To note is when it prints the document-based images and color (PDF document), still the emergence of a little ink which is somewhat scattered. This can occur when you print with the option standard mode. To fix it, please enable Photo mode. It would seem a bit weird if printed documents based on text and images using Photo mode.

There is one more interesting features it offers, which can print directly on CD/DVD disc. You must first attach labels to the top surface of the plain pieces of CD/DVD. Then place the chip last to tray. You can just do print orders through the Epson Print CD. The Printer will print the last direct above the surface of which is affixed a label. Print results look accurate and neat.

Epson L800 series are capable of producing sharp, bright images, as well as a smooth gradations. With the support of infusion systems and methods for large-sized tank, You can print images with a more efficient operational expenses.

Plus: Print Quality, there is a photo of prima ink drip systems, large-capacity ink tanks and economical, direct printing surface of CD/DVD.

Minus: lesser elegance design, there is a bit of ink when it prints documents scattered based text and images in standard mode.

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4.25
  • Facilities: 3.75
  • Ease: 4.25
  • Price: 4
  • Total Score: 4.05

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