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Review EnGenius ECB-9500

For the purposes of business, Engenius ECB-9500 is one of the options of interest. Access point offers a wide range of functions and features, as well as a fast and responsive performance.

Business-class Access point is capable of presenting large throughput to provide convenient access.

As one of the big players to network products, in particular for the purposes of enterprise, Engenius does have lots of variants of products offered, whether for outdoor or indoor.

This time we had the opportunity to try Engenius ECB-9500, an indoor access point devoted to business class. Access point offers a wide range of functions and features, as well as offering excellent performance.

From the side view, access point Engenius ECB-9500 has a minimalistic design, thus giving the impression of serious according to the intended class.

Engenius ECB-9500 has a fairly compact physical size. With a size 12.5 x 10.8 x 3.1 cm and weighs only 350 grams, this access point could easily be paired in narrow areas.

However, its compact size it was disproportionate to the size of the antenna that he possesses. Yes, Engenius ECB-9500 has three external antennas that are long and bulky to produce strong emissivity.

From the side of its specifications, Engenius ECB-9500 is a multi-purpose access points. This Access point has seven operating mode, the access point, bridge, WDS client bridge, WDS access point, router, the router client, and repeater. These modes can be selected seventh in accordance with the purposes. This Access point supports wireless connectivity with 802 .11n, and remains compatible with previous standards. Available also a single RJ45 ports that support gigabit, serves as a WAN or LAN depends of the active mode.

Engenius ECB-9500 has a control panel that is fairly simple, but somewhat complete. In control panel, you can switch the active mode, and restart to activate the mode. In addition, the control panel also provides a wide range of functions that can be altered.

Default access point IP address Engenius ECB-9500 this can vary, according to the active mode. For example, currently serves as the access point, and currently serves as a bridge of This change will be informed every time You change the active mode.

A variety of common features present in the access point is also present in Engenius ECB-9500. Settings-the default setting, such as IP addresses, and DHCP servers can be done easily. Interestingly, this access point has a monitoring facility that serves to monitor upload or download speed maximum and average. The results are presented in the form of graphs.

While in terms of performance, Engenius ECB-9500 has a fast performance. We try to test the access point is by testing the throughput and response timenya. Engenius ECB-9500 we attach it with a 802 .11n wireless adapter. As a result, the access point is able to produce an average throughput of 117,44 Mbps with a maximum of 150,38 sections Mbps. Response time is also very good with an average speed of under 1 second.

Plus: fast Performance; control panel interface is easy to understand; broad outreach; multifunctional.

Minus: RJ45 Port for just one.

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4
  • Facilities: 3.75
  • Use: 3.75
  • Price: 3.75
  • Total Score: 3,81

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New-Access Point/Client Bridge/Repeater/Rout - ENG-ECB9500

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