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Review Dell XPS 15Z

Dell return spawn they latest notebook designed similar to the Macbook. With 15-inch screen but have thin dimensions, Dell XPS 15Z X15z-5834ELS 15.6-Inch Laptop (Elemental Silver) notebook has performance that is very tough.

Your judgment when looking at this closely bound notebook will be the same with our assessment. Look and design of this notebook is very similar to the Apple MacBook Pro (except rounded Dell logo on the cover is attached to her, not the Apple logo).

If you love the design of Apple but couldn't get off of the Windows operating system, this notebook is perfect for you. Look out for the XPS 15Z looks elegant with cover lid of metal materials, with a thin design, and design without corner. At the end of this notebook, there is also a list from which further sweeten the appearance of chrome. Overall the XPS 15Z look pretty and thin enough to 15 inch notebook class.

After opening the cover lid to test the notebook, we were stunned to see the layout panel of the keyboard and speakers which "again" mimics the design of the Apple Macbook Pro. Even arrow keys at the bottom is also very similar. It's just that, a different font is used, is a bit unique. The buttons of the keyboard in notebook is also equipped with backlit for ease of typing in a dark place.

We regret why Dell mimics the design of the Macbook Pro got that far. Whereas there is still enough space for added some multimedia functions to shortcut keys and numeric pad.

Speakers at both sides of the keyboard have a clear enough, although output bass produced not enough taste. A song with bass optimization we play sound usual mediocrity. However, if you run the song acoustically, the resulting sound is very nice, clear, and his treble feels fit.

Switch to the performance side, behind the sweet and elegant designs, XPS 15Z equipped kitchen a fierce runway. Intel Core i7 processor 2.7 GHz embedded generation two as his brain. Therefore, working on various applications in multitasking is not a matter that is hard to do. Dedicated Nvidia graphics card plus GT525M, you don't have to worry when faced with a pretty heavy duty multimedia.

In the game Dragon Age 2 tests we did, Ultra High settings used feels very overload the system. But when it was revealed to be High, the game became fluent. But the sound was very annoying fan feels. The workload is high enough, it seems the fan should work extra hard. After playing a while, this notebook high temperatures also in the bottom feels so hot.

Various connection port on the left and production notebook. There is a mini display port, HDMI, USB 2.0 as well as in combination with E-SATA and also two USB 3.0 SuperSpeed.

Dell XPS 15Z does have a relatively thin thickness for 15-inch notebook class. Connectivity had was fairly complete. Performance it offers is also fairly robust, supported a new generation of Intel Core i7. If you crave a notebook with attractive design and excellent performance, the Dell XPS 15Z could be a consideration.

Plus: a thin Design, full connectivity, steady performance.

Minus: noisy Fan, temperature is high enough, expensive.

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4.5
  • Facilities: 4.25
  • Use: 4
  • Price: 1.5
  • Total Score: 3.73

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