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Review BlackBerry Bold 9900 Dakota

With the sophisticated and technical specifications of the operating system and latest, mobile phone that combines a QWERTY keyboard and touch screen are intended as the best product ever released by RIM.

Rivalry with iOS and Android forced RIM play harder brains. Gartner Data shows, the second platform that combined master 61,58% of smartphones market in Q2 2011. While RIM only 11.7%. It looks like, touch-screen device (and rich application) 's rising.

In the past year, RIM tried to adopt it in the BlackBerry Torch, touchscreen smartphone but without removing QWERTY keyboard which became a hit single. However, operations are still a bit troublesome because the user has to scroll if you want to type with the keyboard.

Today, RIM went so far. The combination of touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard is manifested in the form of candybar phones, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 (also known as Dakota).

With dimensions 115 x 66 x 10.5 mm, Bold 9900 is the thinnest BlackBerry on the market today. List of metal which frame the four sides also adds an elegant impression. Not only that, the phone is also equipped of high specification, well off performance up to speed.

When first turned on Bold 9900, we were struck with a display screen 2.8 inches which is very clear. The resulting colors seem sharper thanks to the technology of Liquid Graphics. Multitouch screen has high responsiveness. Movement of the sliding menu and pinching to zoom runs smoothly. But, we are still having difficulty in determining the beginning and end of text when looking to do a copy-paste.

In everyday usage, we are more likely to use the trackpad and keyboard QWERTY. Moreover, comfortable-to-use button tuts. However, it must be admitted, the existence of the touch screen is very helpful, especially when we want to quickly choose the position of the menu or the icon on the top by the time the cursor is still there under.

Switch to speed performance. 1.2 GHz processor make this phone more reliable for running the multitasking activities multifarious. Indeed, the hell, the iconic round the clock that marks the loading process is occasionally still appears. But, overall, running many applications at once is not a problem. The internal memory of 8 GB also made us feel no need to quickly add a memory card.

Unfortunately, high-performance Bold 9900 is not balanced by adequate battery life. To perform a standard activity, this mobile phone average life span is only 6-7 hours. In fact, when left to sleep in a fully charged, the next morning the remaining battery power is half.

No exaggeration that RIM considers BlackBerry Bold 9900 deserves to occupy the highest caste among all the products that they've ever released. Overall, the performance of the phone is indeed praiseworthy except in terms of battery life.

Plus: Candybar with a combination of touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard; responsive touch screen and it looks sharp; the quality of the camera is okay

Minus: Wasteful batteries; higher prices than competitors classmate

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4.25
  • Facilities: 4.25
  • Use: 4.5
  • Price: 3
  • Total Score: 4.05

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