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Nokia as The Winner for 2011

When you think mobile business world race currently only followed by Android and Apple, you're wrong.

Nokia, the Finland native phone vendors look was waning, it is still a great mobile phone manufacturer with a total delivery for all 2011, surpassing Samsung and Apple.

Based on research from Strategy Analytic research institutions, Nokia managed to defend his title as the vendor who sends the most mobile of year 2011.

Total Shipping Nokia throughout 2011 reached 417,1 million mobile phones. While Samsung and Apple, each sending 327,4 million and 93 million units throughout 2011.

In the last quarter of 2011, still according to the data Strategy Analytic, total shipping Nokia reach 113,5 million units.

After that, following the Samsung with 95 million units and Apple with a total of as many as 37 million iPhone delivery unit.

Although Apple is in the position of the 3 most vendors send their products, but analyst Strategy Analytic, Tom Kang continued to praise the achievements of the Apple.

According to him, in 2011 then just send the three models of the Apple iPhone, but they were able to raise a total of sales of Apple's almost doubled compared to the year 2010, referring to the Analytic data Strategy.

"2012 is the fifth year for Apple to compete at the world mobile market. Apple will be successful by sending more than 100 million units in 2012. China will become an important market for Apple, and we hope Apple marketshare mastery can evolve rapidly, even though many competitors that mimic Apple products "close analyst Tom.

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