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Next Anonymous Target

Not just the US, any country that makes the anti-miscegenation laws of freedom of the internet will be so Anonymous group targets.

Proven, the group attacked three Mexico Government website. This attack was a protest and rejection of a bill that would tighten the rules for sharing files on the internet.

Web site hacked by Anonymous among others belonged to the House of Deputies, the Senate, and the Ministry of the Interior Mexico. Minister of the Interior Mexico, Alejandro Poire confirmed that the site had been attacked.

Poire said, the Government was working to prevent attacks like this again. He also promised to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators.

Anonymous hacker group, which had briefly clashed with the Government of Mexico, called on the Government to stop the process of this Bill.

"We ask the Government of Mexico did not continue this Bill because they would limit the freedom of speech and file sharing," said the Anonymous in a video posted on YouTube, by acts of piracy.

This Bill proposed last month by the National Action Party. According to Anonymous, if this BILL is passed then it would be able to criminalize someone who upload music, videos or books to the internet without permission from the copyright holder.

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