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Goodbye to the Menu Button in Android

Google officially say goodbyes on the menu button on the Android devices, smartphones and tablets.

In the future, the Android users will not be any more physical button pressed to display a menu. All of the menu button will be available on the screen.

Through a post titled Say Goodbye to the Menu Button in the developer's official blog, Google Android informs the vendors and application developers not to use the menu button.

This was triggered because Google has made the operating system (OS) is the latest Android version 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwiches that have the look of the new interface. This step also indicates Google's effort to reduce fragmentation on the Android ecosystem.

The Touch Screen

Touch-screen devices will make user eye just concentrated on what is on screen. This made some people forget the physical buttons that are outside of the screen.

When all of a sudden they must press the menu button, they will be a little confusion over finding the menu button on the screen. The lapse of a few seconds, then they are aware that the menu button is out of the screen.

This experienced most Android users, even those that have long been using Android.

This is one of the reasons for not using other Google menu button on the physical device is Android in the future.

Most likely, the remaining physical buttons on Android devices in the future is just the Power button and Volume control buttons.

Welcome to Action Bar

The official Android Developers blog, Google says that You should stop thinking about all the activities that use the menu button. Because, the menu button on Android will be integrated with the action bar on the screen.

According to Google, this step is done so that all Android users get the same experience to navigate.

There are many navigation activity you can do with the Action bar. Starting from the "Refresh", "Delete", "Attach", "Share", to "Search". This will make Android applications more intuitive.

Gradually forget the habit of using the menu button

Google seemed to convey that all applications are made for the Android OS before version 3.0, cannot run function menu button on the device that is already using the Android OS version 3.0 upwards. So, there is a difference navigation system on the menu button.

For this reason, we ask developers to immediately update their applications to be compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich.

For users who have used the OS version 3 or later, but still use the old application, there will be a selection action buttons that are in overflow the bottom of the screen. Action Menu icons Back, overflow include Home and Menu.

This is a "middle way" to resolve the compatibility issue in lam. However, Google says, the Action does not give experience to navigate Overflow is ideal.

Gradually, the Action will be wasted because Overflow is no more application developers who use it.

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