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BlackBerry: Android and Apple Superior

Thorsten Heins, CEO of Research In Motion (RIM) is the new Office on 23 January, admitted that the BlackBerry behind in smartphone market competition between the United States.

"It's painful. Painful for me because we had to see RIM loses market share in the US, "said Heins in an interview with CNBC television.

According to comScore, if Android and Apple's market share in the US combined, then both scoop up 76% of the mobile device market (data for November 2011). While RIM's market share shrank to 16.6%.

Responding to it, Heins said, there has been a shift in perspective in U.S. society and RIM did not respond to it quickly.

"I know RIM has made mistakes, and I was in a fight," added Heins.

Fighting spirit! Is something it needs investors RIM. Investors require long-term planning and revolutionary thinking.

Unfortunately, the impression is not spawned Heins in an exclusive interview published by the RIM. This makes investors doubted the ability of the Heins.

In an interview with the website technology, Heins States that are going on a change in the body of the RIM.

"A lot of changes in corporate structure, as well as with the changing software, software platform, also bring QNX in our products. There is no word ' stationary ' to RIM, "he asserted.

A joint team in charge of Heins testing BlackBerry competitors products, has been studying the ins and outs of Android, Apple, and other products.

Heins, short of the RIM there are recognized on the features and elements to support the actual user experience, it is very important in the success of a platform.

However, the heyday of Heins believes that RIM will be back. "I wanted to explain to the market is that we believe in our strength. We are a BlackBerry, we provide integrated solutions, hardware, software, services and network, "close Heins.

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