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Apple Consumers React for iPad Workers

News about iPad factory workers in China who are having to treat is not feasible, published by the New York Times. This paper triggered a discussion in public again AS a factory worker about the condition of the poor. On the other hand, the iPad, iPhone and other gadgets other so demand.

When found on the show MacWorld or iWorld Show in San Francisco, there are a number of consumers who consider such reasonable news only. "Many companies are making their goods elsewhere to save expenses," said Steve Hathaway, visitors of Hercules, California.

Asked whether he wanted Hathaway pay more if Apple gadget made in production facilities that are more feasible. He argues, the price of Apple's been pretty premium, meaning that the company should be responsible.

Victor Cajiao, who manages argues that over time, how to think Apple will change consumer. Apple isn't the only company that clashed with the challenge of working conditions. "The case could open people's eyes about what lies behind a technology product," he explained.

Many Petitions Are Springing Up

From the website, petition, already found at least 10 petitions concerning the relationship between the Apple factory workers in the making with Apple. A petition has been started since early last year, asking Apple ended the "slavery" in the factory. More than 500 people signed the petition.

A second petition, starting in mid-2011, which contains the words: "Dear Apple, No factory workers should die making our iPad" (there must be no factory workers who had to die behind the making of our iPad). The petition was signed by 190 people.

Later a petition that asks the user to stop others using Apple products are manufactured in China has signed more than 1,000 people. Another petition came up this week, asking Apple to protect workers in China.

Creator of the petition, Mark Shields, is a communications consultant to listen to stories about working conditions in factories supplying Apple from a Radio show "This American Life".

Ironically, said Shields, he listens to the radio broadcast while using Apple laptops with Wi-Fi router Apple AirPort. "I hope they can do better, I'm sure they can do better," he said. The petition was signed by shields 23 people.

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