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Goodbye to the Menu Button in Android

Google officially say goodbyes on the menu button on the Android devices, smartphones and tablets.

In the future, the Android users will not be any more physical button pressed to display a menu. All of the menu button will be available on the screen.

Through a post titled Say Goodbye to the Menu Button in the developer's official blog, Google Android informs the vendors and application developers not to use the menu button.

This was triggered because Google has made the operating system (OS) is the latest Android version 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwiches that have the look of the new interface. This step also indicates Google's effort to reduce fragmentation on the Android ecosystem.

The Touch Screen

Touch-screen devices will make user eye just concentrated on what is on screen. This made some people forget the physical buttons that are outside of the screen.

When all of a sudden they must press the menu button, they will be a little confusion over finding the menu button on the screen. The lapse of a few seconds, then they are aware that the menu button is out of the screen.

This experienced most Android users, even those that have long been using Android.

This is one of the reasons for not using other Google menu button on the physical device is Android in the future.

Most likely, the remaining physical buttons on Android devices in the future is just the Power button and Volume control buttons.

Welcome to Action Bar

The official Android Developers blog, Google says that You should stop thinking about all the activities that use the menu button. Because, the menu button on Android will be integrated with the action bar on the screen.

According to Google, this step is done so that all Android users get the same experience to navigate.

There are many navigation activity you can do with the Action bar. Starting from the "Refresh", "Delete", "Attach", "Share", to "Search". This will make Android applications more intuitive.

Gradually forget the habit of using the menu button

Google seemed to convey that all applications are made for the Android OS before version 3.0, cannot run function menu button on the device that is already using the Android OS version 3.0 upwards. So, there is a difference navigation system on the menu button.

For this reason, we ask developers to immediately update their applications to be compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich.

For users who have used the OS version 3 or later, but still use the old application, there will be a selection action buttons that are in overflow the bottom of the screen. Action Menu icons Back, overflow include Home and Menu.

This is a "middle way" to resolve the compatibility issue in lam. However, Google says, the Action does not give experience to navigate Overflow is ideal.

Gradually, the Action will be wasted because Overflow is no more application developers who use it.

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BlackBerry: Android and Apple Superior

Thorsten Heins, CEO of Research In Motion (RIM) is the new Office on 23 January, admitted that the BlackBerry behind in smartphone market competition between the United States.

"It's painful. Painful for me because we had to see RIM loses market share in the US, "said Heins in an interview with CNBC television.

According to comScore, if Android and Apple's market share in the US combined, then both scoop up 76% of the mobile device market (data for November 2011). While RIM's market share shrank to 16.6%.

Responding to it, Heins said, there has been a shift in perspective in U.S. society and RIM did not respond to it quickly.

"I know RIM has made mistakes, and I was in a fight," added Heins.

Fighting spirit! Is something it needs investors RIM. Investors require long-term planning and revolutionary thinking.

Unfortunately, the impression is not spawned Heins in an exclusive interview published by the RIM. This makes investors doubted the ability of the Heins.

In an interview with the website technology, Heins States that are going on a change in the body of the RIM.

"A lot of changes in corporate structure, as well as with the changing software, software platform, also bring QNX in our products. There is no word ' stationary ' to RIM, "he asserted.

A joint team in charge of Heins testing BlackBerry competitors products, has been studying the ins and outs of Android, Apple, and other products.

Heins, short of the RIM there are recognized on the features and elements to support the actual user experience, it is very important in the success of a platform.

However, the heyday of Heins believes that RIM will be back. "I wanted to explain to the market is that we believe in our strength. We are a BlackBerry, we provide integrated solutions, hardware, software, services and network, "close Heins.

Review for BlackBerry Bold 9900 Dakota

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Symantec Identifies Android Malware

Security Vendor Symantec claimed to have identified the biggest malware spreaders on the Google Android operating system, i.e. a trio of Publisher applications. Trojans spread named Android. Counterclank. The version of Android. older Tonclank were found in 13 applications with a total weekly reach millions of times.

In the Symantec blog says, "the total Number of downloads of all the evil Android application indicates that the Counterclank had spread most. high from any malware has been identified this year."

It is the third Publisher Iapps7 Inc., Ogre Games, and Redmicapps. Among them are the applications published
  • com.iapps.hitterrorist
  • com.iapps.hitterroristpro
  • com.christmasgame.balloon
  • redmicapps. com. ladies3 puzzles.
Currently, only five applications are still available in the Android Market, including Sexy Girls Photo Game and Deal & Be Millionaire. In the last 30 days, these applications are listed by number of installation of 1.5 million-5 million.

The code in an application that is the case with evil in a package named "Apperhand". The device may be infected with its data stolen or do activities that were not predicted. According to Symantec, this application is a copy of the evil of the official application.

A user suspected of strange behavior and discussed in a review, "He asked for the ability to add/removing icons from the home screen! When the game is executed the first time, it adds a ' Search ' icon suspicious to the home screen. Maybe the evil website or simply annoying advertising. " Symantec search icon as confirm the indicator of infection.

However, the Lookout, an institution that specializes in mobile security, says, "we do not agree with the assessment that this is malware although we believe that the Apperhand SDK [software development kit] is aggressive forms of ad networks and should be taken seriously."

The application is asking some permit awkward time of installation, including feature phones that can be, "specify phone numbers and serial number from that phone, whether it's active, numbers are calling the call and so on".

Symantec said the still investigating this issue and will send you more information after knowing more.

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Review EnGenius ECB-9500

For the purposes of business, Engenius ECB-9500 is one of the options of interest. Access point offers a wide range of functions and features, as well as a fast and responsive performance.

Business-class Access point is capable of presenting large throughput to provide convenient access.

As one of the big players to network products, in particular for the purposes of enterprise, Engenius does have lots of variants of products offered, whether for outdoor or indoor.

This time we had the opportunity to try Engenius ECB-9500, an indoor access point devoted to business class. Access point offers a wide range of functions and features, as well as offering excellent performance.

From the side view, access point Engenius ECB-9500 has a minimalistic design, thus giving the impression of serious according to the intended class.

Engenius ECB-9500 has a fairly compact physical size. With a size 12.5 x 10.8 x 3.1 cm and weighs only 350 grams, this access point could easily be paired in narrow areas.

However, its compact size it was disproportionate to the size of the antenna that he possesses. Yes, Engenius ECB-9500 has three external antennas that are long and bulky to produce strong emissivity.

From the side of its specifications, Engenius ECB-9500 is a multi-purpose access points. This Access point has seven operating mode, the access point, bridge, WDS client bridge, WDS access point, router, the router client, and repeater. These modes can be selected seventh in accordance with the purposes. This Access point supports wireless connectivity with 802 .11n, and remains compatible with previous standards. Available also a single RJ45 ports that support gigabit, serves as a WAN or LAN depends of the active mode.

Engenius ECB-9500 has a control panel that is fairly simple, but somewhat complete. In control panel, you can switch the active mode, and restart to activate the mode. In addition, the control panel also provides a wide range of functions that can be altered.

Default access point IP address Engenius ECB-9500 this can vary, according to the active mode. For example, currently serves as the access point, and currently serves as a bridge of This change will be informed every time You change the active mode.

A variety of common features present in the access point is also present in Engenius ECB-9500. Settings-the default setting, such as IP addresses, and DHCP servers can be done easily. Interestingly, this access point has a monitoring facility that serves to monitor upload or download speed maximum and average. The results are presented in the form of graphs.

While in terms of performance, Engenius ECB-9500 has a fast performance. We try to test the access point is by testing the throughput and response timenya. Engenius ECB-9500 we attach it with a 802 .11n wireless adapter. As a result, the access point is able to produce an average throughput of 117,44 Mbps with a maximum of 150,38 sections Mbps. Response time is also very good with an average speed of under 1 second.

Plus: fast Performance; control panel interface is easy to understand; broad outreach; multifunctional.

Minus: RJ45 Port for just one.

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4
  • Facilities: 3.75
  • Use: 3.75
  • Price: 3.75
  • Total Score: 3,81

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Nokia as The Winner for 2011

When you think mobile business world race currently only followed by Android and Apple, you're wrong.

Nokia, the Finland native phone vendors look was waning, it is still a great mobile phone manufacturer with a total delivery for all 2011, surpassing Samsung and Apple.

Based on research from Strategy Analytic research institutions, Nokia managed to defend his title as the vendor who sends the most mobile of year 2011.

Total Shipping Nokia throughout 2011 reached 417,1 million mobile phones. While Samsung and Apple, each sending 327,4 million and 93 million units throughout 2011.

In the last quarter of 2011, still according to the data Strategy Analytic, total shipping Nokia reach 113,5 million units.

After that, following the Samsung with 95 million units and Apple with a total of as many as 37 million iPhone delivery unit.

Although Apple is in the position of the 3 most vendors send their products, but analyst Strategy Analytic, Tom Kang continued to praise the achievements of the Apple.

According to him, in 2011 then just send the three models of the Apple iPhone, but they were able to raise a total of sales of Apple's almost doubled compared to the year 2010, referring to the Analytic data Strategy.

"2012 is the fifth year for Apple to compete at the world mobile market. Apple will be successful by sending more than 100 million units in 2012. China will become an important market for Apple, and we hope Apple marketshare mastery can evolve rapidly, even though many competitors that mimic Apple products "close analyst Tom.

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Camera Lens: Minimum Focusing Distance

All types of lenses available in the market have a point where if we move closer to the object of the photo, then the lens won't focus (blur). In General, this point commonly referred to required Minimum Focusing Distance (MFD) or minimum focus distance. MFD is expressed in units of length (i.e. 0.5 m) measured from the distance of the light sensor in the camera to the object of the photo. If a lens, as the above photo has MFD 0.25 metres (25 cm) minimum object distance means that the image sensor photo photos stay sharp is 25 centimeters, so we bring the photo objects closer to the camera, then the photos will begin to blur.

The Minimum Focusing Distance of quantity information is usually written on the lens itself (like the above photo), if you look at the lens, confused you will still find it on technical specifications in the manual or catalog for these lenses.

Information about the MFD really isn't much useful for common users, but if you're fond of photography macro (close up), how MFD a lens is important information. Since it macro lens is indeed from the beginning designed to meet the needs of the macro, then the photographer for the average macro lens, his MFD could reach 16 cm. and because of this 16 cm distance is measured from the position of the light sensor – a photo object, then we could stick the tip of the allusion to the lens object photo and macro lens is still able to take focus.

While the MFD for the lens SLR (non macro) is usually around 30 cm or more. For example lenses Nikon 50 mm f/1.4 G has written below MFD 0.45 m (equivalent to 45 cm MFD).

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Thailand Support Twitter Censors

Twitter steps to perform local content censorship from many parties reap the protest. In the midst of the controversy, Twitter finally got international support from the Government of Thailand, first Monday (30/1/2012).

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Technology and Information Thailand, Jeerawan Boonperm, says, this is a step in Twitter "developments should be welcomed".

It will get in touch with Twitter to launch cooperation on local content that features sensor.

Not only from the Government, opposition groups also support such measures. Mallika Boonmetrakul of the Democratic Party, since the end of 2011, attempted to gather support for blocking social media sites from the West.

According to Boonmetrakul, Thailand should follow the example of Paget China in efforts to block the internet services that are considered disturbing the stability of the country.

The attitude taken by the Government of Thailand refers of Lese Majeste laws, a rule prohibiting residents mocked the Royal family of Thailand.

Activists in Thailand says, the Lese Majeste politicized and used as a tool of repression, not as a way to protect the monarchy.

Earlier, the Government of Thailand has asked Facebook to remove more than 10,000 pages of Lese Majeste, which is considered to be in violation of. YouTube has also been subject to complaints in 2006 ago.

Thailand succeeded in forcing YouTube to remove videos that are offensive to 225 of the Royal family. Not only that, no matter their citizens in Thailand restricts access YouTube.

A number of citizens of Thailand had been imprisoned for offending the Kingdom in postings on Facebook and the internet.

In 2011, a man aged 61 years got a 20-year prison sentence for sending short messages that insult the Royal family.

While a u.s. citizen who was born in Thailand was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for writing a biography of one of the King of Thailand.

So far, there has been no arrest or punishment is meted out to the citizens of Thailand are tweet on Twitter.

Book for Breakfast
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Review LG Flatron IPS236V

Although using IPS panel, IPS236V it is still not able to match the monitor IPS upper class. But keep in mind also that you have to pay more to monitor IPS professional. As the IPS monitor class value, IPS236V has the look of a typical panel IPS with a more affordable price.

Sweep in your market segment middle-class monitor, the monitor has a secret weapon to compete with similar products, IPS panel.

The trend this year is tinged with a proliferation of 3D and LED monitors. Almost all the big players in business monitor released various products according to your target market. After the release of the 3D monitors several months ago, this time the LG monitor that uses dedicated IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel as a major milestone Flatron IPS236V.

As the name implies, a monitor with IPS236V panel IPS are indeed already proved to have better views than panels TN (twisted nematic) is often used on a conventional monitor.

Average panel IPS being able to display color is better with a wider angle of view. Therefore, the LG provides a complete display settings for color, especially where the calibration settings available 6 colors R, G, B, C, M, Y are included in the menu "Six Color".

The exterior also could not escape the attention. The combination of glossy acrylic display as well as accents on the bottom panel and create a buffer monitor overall be attractive. If you have a variety of devices, you can count on this monitor. How do the shift of the input, VGA, DVI or HDMI compliance purposes.

Plus: Look nice, affordable prices

Minus: viewpoint only slightly better than the other TN monitor

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4
  • Facilities: 4
  • Ease: 3.75
  • Price: 4
  • Total Score: 4.00

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Next Anonymous Target

Not just the US, any country that makes the anti-miscegenation laws of freedom of the internet will be so Anonymous group targets.

Proven, the group attacked three Mexico Government website. This attack was a protest and rejection of a bill that would tighten the rules for sharing files on the internet.

Web site hacked by Anonymous among others belonged to the House of Deputies, the Senate, and the Ministry of the Interior Mexico. Minister of the Interior Mexico, Alejandro Poire confirmed that the site had been attacked.

Poire said, the Government was working to prevent attacks like this again. He also promised to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators.

Anonymous hacker group, which had briefly clashed with the Government of Mexico, called on the Government to stop the process of this Bill.

"We ask the Government of Mexico did not continue this Bill because they would limit the freedom of speech and file sharing," said the Anonymous in a video posted on YouTube, by acts of piracy.

This Bill proposed last month by the National Action Party. According to Anonymous, if this BILL is passed then it would be able to criminalize someone who upload music, videos or books to the internet without permission from the copyright holder.

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Apple Consumers React for iPad Workers

News about iPad factory workers in China who are having to treat is not feasible, published by the New York Times. This paper triggered a discussion in public again AS a factory worker about the condition of the poor. On the other hand, the iPad, iPhone and other gadgets other so demand.

When found on the show MacWorld or iWorld Show in San Francisco, there are a number of consumers who consider such reasonable news only. "Many companies are making their goods elsewhere to save expenses," said Steve Hathaway, visitors of Hercules, California.

Asked whether he wanted Hathaway pay more if Apple gadget made in production facilities that are more feasible. He argues, the price of Apple's been pretty premium, meaning that the company should be responsible.

Victor Cajiao, who manages argues that over time, how to think Apple will change consumer. Apple isn't the only company that clashed with the challenge of working conditions. "The case could open people's eyes about what lies behind a technology product," he explained.

Many Petitions Are Springing Up

From the website, petition, already found at least 10 petitions concerning the relationship between the Apple factory workers in the making with Apple. A petition has been started since early last year, asking Apple ended the "slavery" in the factory. More than 500 people signed the petition.

A second petition, starting in mid-2011, which contains the words: "Dear Apple, No factory workers should die making our iPad" (there must be no factory workers who had to die behind the making of our iPad). The petition was signed by 190 people.

Later a petition that asks the user to stop others using Apple products are manufactured in China has signed more than 1,000 people. Another petition came up this week, asking Apple to protect workers in China.

Creator of the petition, Mark Shields, is a communications consultant to listen to stories about working conditions in factories supplying Apple from a Radio show "This American Life".

Ironically, said Shields, he listens to the radio broadcast while using Apple laptops with Wi-Fi router Apple AirPort. "I hope they can do better, I'm sure they can do better," he said. The petition was signed by shields 23 people.

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Sites That Are Monitored by FBI

Closure of Megaupload can indeed be the beginning of a dark age for file-sharing sites. The impact of the case made some similar sites feel threatened and take action on its own initiative before dragged down further, as did the FileSonic and FileJungle to turn off file sharing functionality.

Not only up there, it turns out that some sites have also been monitoring the FBI over charges of providing the services and for the file to save the content that is suspected of violating copyright. If copyright laws is the reason Megaupload closed, then it could be a type of site would be the next target of the FBI. Big names like 4Shared, Hotfile, RapidShare, MediaFire, up to The Pirate bay, could be endangered.

Recently has circulated an information where file sharing websites have been in control of the FBI. The Data published via the site mentions some has shut down its services and the FBI has investigated deviations. Among them are:

-FileServe, has put a stop to its premium services.
-UploadStation, locked in the United States.
-FileJungle, has removed all the saving and locked in the United States
-FileSonic, still under FBI scrutiny.
-VideoBB, was closed and has disappeared.
-Uploaded, was banned in the United States and the FBI were searching for the presence of its owner.
-FilePost, has been deleting all the files except the PDF and Txt.
-Videoz, closed and locked in any affiliated with the United States.
-4Shared, have removed the content owns the copyright and still waiting for the investigation of the FBI.
-MediaFire, summoned to testify in 90 days and must expose any saving to the FBI.
-Org torrent, will eliminate all content illegalnya for 30 days, and how the criminal investigation.
-Network Share mIRC, waiting for the decision to continue or stop the case.
-Koshiki, still fully operational in Japan and would not join the SOPA/pipeline.
-Shienko Box, still fully operational in China and Korea, won't join the SOPA/pipeline.
-ShareX BR, says it will join the SOPA/pipeline.

Book for Breakfast
Understanding Online Piracy: The Truth about Illegal File Sharing

Review Sony Cybershot DSC-WX7

Sony Cybershot DSC-WX7 has featured as a digital camera. A wide array of options, setting up a scheme of automatic and manual, as well as optical and digital zoom facility indeed became the hallmark of compact digital cameras. But two featured flagship in the form of the ability of capturing 3D images and video with full HD to be a pretty attractive added value.

The ability of this device in high definition video recording formats such as being able to compete with the camcorder.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX7 compact digital camera that is loaded with some featured mainstay. Among them the ability to take pictures in 3D and also record video in HD format.

Armed with the lens Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, this device is capable of producing images of the bright and sharp. With featured Superior Auto, You can get the best picture with the configuration set automatically.

In our opinion, video recording capability is the best that could be generated for this camera. With it, You no longer need to use a camcorder worth the price.

Full HD 1080 recording facility lets you record video with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 definition uses the AVCHD compression technology. The zoom function applies also when the camera is recording.

As A Result? You'll get what you see. Pictures look sharp and bright, very suitable as witnessed on the large screen of course already supports full HD format.

These cameras can also display photographic images with 3D. Before taking pictures, You need to enable this mode. Later the photos could be displayed in 3D. But there is a requirement that You must see it through a 3D TV. If only the displayed preview on the LCD screen camera, the photos are only displayed in 2D.

You can also generate 3D-style preview images on the screen. With 3D Still Image mode, you will be guided to photograph the area around sequentially from left to right. Later this can display the results of the portrait image in 3D by moving the camera vertically to the left and right. Portrait results it will produce files have a .dit extension MPO (multipicture object file).

To see the result on the PC, we have to use an application such as MPO StereoPhoto Maker, Explorer, or Cyberlink PowerDVD 10. It's just that, You will not find the 3D view. Instead, you will find some pictures that look if sorted would indeed be impressive shades.

The results of this 3D images can be displayed directly through the camera screen. And You must move the left and right slowly. If your eye jelly, You would indeed be looked at as though photographic images have a kind of point of view arise.

There are also additional effects blur in the background thanks to defocus the background facilities is common on DSLR cameras.

Plus: results of a photo is sharp and bright; There are featured photos and panorama 3D; full-HD video; superior auto function.

Minus: 3D views 3D TV had to go through; a bit slow when taking pictures.

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4.15
  • Facilities: 4.5
  • Use: 4.15
  • Price: 3.6
  • Total Score: 4.25 out

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Twitter : Censored Content

Twitter finally "caving in" to impose censorship on tweet with particular content originating from a particular country.

Tweet's with content that is originated from the request State censorship will be automatically censored by Twitter.

However, Twitter is not doing the deletion of such content, but to tell other users that in certain countries, the content is not allowed.

"Starting today, we ventured to more reactive towards content that originates from a specific country. However, we will pass it on to the global network, "wrote Twitter in his blog.

Is Twitter is, all the tweets that are censored by Twitter still appears in the global network. However, other users will know that the content does not appear in the requesting State censorship.

Twitter has teamed up with Chilling Effects, the site was able to observe the archives censored, then make a transparent sensor action.

According to Cynthia Wong from the Center for Democracy & Technology, Twitter is doing this because these threatened the social Web is blocked in some countries if it insists on rejecting censorship tweet's with certain content.

Twitter indeed is struggling in an effort to preserve the rights of its users, not voiceless tetapu affecting the political interests of certain countries.

Last year, Twitter is highlighted when anti-government demonstrators in Tunisia, Egypt, and Saudi coordinated en masse of this social networking.

This year, Twitter asked the Government to censor India related content criticizing the Government of India.

Although impose censorship, Twitter still sent a message to users to continue to feel the freedom to speak and express opinions.

Although local law policy in one country will limit this, Twitter emphasizes the following words:
"the tweets must continue to flow"
"defend and respect each user's voice"

Book for Breakfast:
The Tao of Twitter: Changing your life and business 140 characters at a time

Review BlackBerry Bold 9900 Dakota

With the sophisticated and technical specifications of the operating system and latest, mobile phone that combines a QWERTY keyboard and touch screen are intended as the best product ever released by RIM.

Rivalry with iOS and Android forced RIM play harder brains. Gartner Data shows, the second platform that combined master 61,58% of smartphones market in Q2 2011. While RIM only 11.7%. It looks like, touch-screen device (and rich application) 's rising.

In the past year, RIM tried to adopt it in the BlackBerry Torch, touchscreen smartphone but without removing QWERTY keyboard which became a hit single. However, operations are still a bit troublesome because the user has to scroll if you want to type with the keyboard.

Today, RIM went so far. The combination of touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard is manifested in the form of candybar phones, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 (also known as Dakota).

With dimensions 115 x 66 x 10.5 mm, Bold 9900 is the thinnest BlackBerry on the market today. List of metal which frame the four sides also adds an elegant impression. Not only that, the phone is also equipped of high specification, well off performance up to speed.

When first turned on Bold 9900, we were struck with a display screen 2.8 inches which is very clear. The resulting colors seem sharper thanks to the technology of Liquid Graphics. Multitouch screen has high responsiveness. Movement of the sliding menu and pinching to zoom runs smoothly. But, we are still having difficulty in determining the beginning and end of text when looking to do a copy-paste.

In everyday usage, we are more likely to use the trackpad and keyboard QWERTY. Moreover, comfortable-to-use button tuts. However, it must be admitted, the existence of the touch screen is very helpful, especially when we want to quickly choose the position of the menu or the icon on the top by the time the cursor is still there under.

Switch to speed performance. 1.2 GHz processor make this phone more reliable for running the multitasking activities multifarious. Indeed, the hell, the iconic round the clock that marks the loading process is occasionally still appears. But, overall, running many applications at once is not a problem. The internal memory of 8 GB also made us feel no need to quickly add a memory card.

Unfortunately, high-performance Bold 9900 is not balanced by adequate battery life. To perform a standard activity, this mobile phone average life span is only 6-7 hours. In fact, when left to sleep in a fully charged, the next morning the remaining battery power is half.

No exaggeration that RIM considers BlackBerry Bold 9900 deserves to occupy the highest caste among all the products that they've ever released. Overall, the performance of the phone is indeed praiseworthy except in terms of battery life.

Plus: Candybar with a combination of touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard; responsive touch screen and it looks sharp; the quality of the camera is okay

Minus: Wasteful batteries; higher prices than competitors classmate

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4.25
  • Facilities: 4.25
  • Use: 4.5
  • Price: 3
  • Total Score: 4.05


War : Facebook & Twitter VS Google

Google steps that benefit Google+ in Google's search engine make a Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, are United to create a "weapon" to ward off.

A tool that is named "Don't be evil". The name was adopted from the motto of Google itself. Essentially, "Don't be evil" is an add-on (tool) to bring up search results that are more objective related social networking website in the world.

Early January 2012 ago, Google has done an update search system dubbed "Search, Plus Your World" (SPYW), it included features Personal Results, which can show search results more personal for its users.

If You do a search with Google, then on the right side of the page will show up a few relevant links from Google+. However, Google doesn't display links from other social networks.

Google's actions judged not fair by Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, because Google+ is at the forefront of the search results.

On the basis of that, the programmer of the three social networking make add-on "Don't be evil". This protest and warned Google to better focus serve what you're looking for users, not even promote their products.

To get the "Don't be evil", You should visit the site designed by programmers of three social networking.

This latest war amidst rampant protest the enactment of SOPA and PIPA. So, who will win the battle?

Book for Read
Business War Games: How Large, Small, and New Companies Can Vastly Improve Their Strategies and Outmaneuver the Competition


Review Epson L800

Epson L800 series is capable of printing photos for more and being able to print the above pieces of CD/DVD which had plastered a paper label.

Print a photo image equivalent does not a new thing for inkjet printers. However one of the problems frequently encountered are regular ink capacity limitations are placed on the cartridge. With a capacity of no huge, ink will be sucked out if it is used to print photo quality images. Moreover, if You use the mode best photo that would "drain" the ink making it wasteful.
Well, hosted technology before forwarding, Epson L800 series offers a solution for you if you want to print your photos in bulk. The adoption of the same technology with Epson L100 and L200 series that have been present before, i.e. using the method of ink using infusion large tank capacity.

Epson L800 series ink colors used 6 consisting of cyan, magenta, yellow, black and light cyan and light magenta. With more color ink, Epson L800 series was able to produce sharper images. With a size of 70 ml perbotol, this product is capable of printing up to 1800 claimed sheet photo size 4R. As we try, to see that it can be proven. We try to print a photo in large quantities and invisible ink which may decrease the indicator. We are trying to print the images with the resolution of the best on paper size A4.

Traced from the side of the print speed, we find that a little faster than the same design as the "brothers" Epson L100 and L200 series. Although You will still find a snap vote while the print process starts, the volume is already somewhat reduced than ever before. To note is when it prints the document-based images and color (PDF document), still the emergence of a little ink which is somewhat scattered. This can occur when you print with the option standard mode. To fix it, please enable Photo mode. It would seem a bit weird if printed documents based on text and images using Photo mode.

There is one more interesting features it offers, which can print directly on CD/DVD disc. You must first attach labels to the top surface of the plain pieces of CD/DVD. Then place the chip last to tray. You can just do print orders through the Epson Print CD. The Printer will print the last direct above the surface of which is affixed a label. Print results look accurate and neat.

Epson L800 series are capable of producing sharp, bright images, as well as a smooth gradations. With the support of infusion systems and methods for large-sized tank, You can print images with a more efficient operational expenses.

Plus: Print Quality, there is a photo of prima ink drip systems, large-capacity ink tanks and economical, direct printing surface of CD/DVD.

Minus: lesser elegance design, there is a bit of ink when it prints documents scattered based text and images in standard mode.

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4.25
  • Facilities: 3.75
  • Ease: 4.25
  • Price: 4
  • Total Score: 4.05


Filesonic Close File-Sharing Service

Apparently swept up by the US Government shutdown of Megaupload is worrying some similar sites. Before being swept up similar cases such as Megaupload, Filesonic, Monday (23/1) close their file-sharing service. The closure was done on his own initiative and without prior notice.

Filesonic has not yet issued a statement formally on this subject. On their website, contains only a brief notification that the user can only upload files which is personal data on sites like save your cloud-based. On the front page of the site, writing "All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disable. Out service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally".

During this, Filesonic it is one of the top sites that provide the facilities for their users to do the Exchange files that are suspected to contain content that is not legal. Not yet known how the fate of the previous data of the users who make use of the site.

Filesonic prefer the safe path, bearing in mind the case of Megaupload to dragging and capture their leader, even though it is not an American citizen.

Such as Filesonic, uploaded to the site also follow similar. They shut down its services to users based in the United States.

Does file-sharing websites like Rapidshare, MediaFire, Hotfile, and other similar sites will follow Filesonic? Or they have own reaction? We just look at the development of the next.

Books forn Learn:
Digital Copyright: Protecting Intellectual Property on the Internet, the Digital Millennium Copyright ACT, Copyright Lobbyists Conquer...

Review Modern Warfare 3 PC Version

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is one of the most phenomenal games released this year, at least when considering the millions of dollars spent by Activicion to ensure that every gamer knows the arrival of this game.

With a promise to continue the plot of the story first Modern Warfare, Activision gives variety and new features in Spec Ops missions, improvements to the multiplayer mode, as well as the latest Packages Strike, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has much work to be accomplished. Especially considering its biggest rival, Battlefield 3, has slid a few weeks ago.

Is this game will appear unique among the other ranks shooter game or just look plain?

No doubt that the series of Modern Warfare Call of Duty games have always tried to give a unique storyline. While adopting the pattern of the original story of how the modern military forces spur the story, both series rely more on the element of surprise, like the invasion of Russia against the United States (U.S.) or level "No Russian" who was famous for.

In Modern Warfare 3, the balance between the elements of its predecessor's stay awake so that it displays a slick narratives about the conflict between the former British SAS member named Price and Soap, as well as the main villain, Makarov.

Here, gamers will return control of the various soldiers in a battlefield that spans the ends of the globe. Starting from Frost, a member of Delta Force who managed to fend off the invasion of Russia in New York and then attacked them in France or Germany, then went to the character Yuri, a former member of Spetsnaz are troubled by Makarov and joined the group of soldiers led Price and Soap.

Although not a groundbreaking opening, the story in this game is growing slowly but surely. After approximately 6 or 7 hours of gameplay, depending on the level of ability and difficulty level selected, the best series of the game Call of Duty it will be resolved.

Without having to tell the advantages previous series, not many words that can describe the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. There is a similar taste that always comes up in every series.

For the shooting, there is little additional features, such as folding binoculars that can change the medium-range rifle range rifle so far, or vice versa. Weapons in this game was varied, but gamers will not feel the need to exchange regular weapons obtained at the initial level, except for RPGs or Javelin launchers to be used at certain moments.

Precision movement of the players was quite accurate. The enemies come with smarter AI that makes us need more time to deal with it. Design-level was also solid as predecessors of this series, to include a few places of interest such as castles in the Koruna or a village in Africa.

Modern Warfare 3 shines more brightly when connecting with the online mode, seeing the emergence of these additions than Spec Ops mode and regular mode of competition on its predecessor.

In the Spec Ops mode, for example, gamers will be taken to explore many new maps with a friend, get new weapons and 48 stars, there is also a special series of Survival Maps, which allows gamers to see the two soldiers survived the enemy invasion.

Competition in the multiplayer has also changed drastically. point can now be obtained by killing the opponent but also through other things in a match. Award when it reaches a certain pointstreaks Strike now included in the package special, such as Assault, Support, or Specialist. Each offers a variety of awards against businesses gamers.

This feature makes the Call of Duty fits all types of gamers and separately with the 16 folder and all of these modes, ranging from Search and Destroy or Headquarters are familiar, until the new features such as Confirmed Kill or Team Defender that provides intensive security of this game.

Display and Sound
For graphical display, Modern Warfare 3 is not better than similar games Battlefield 3 or Crysis 2 which was named the most beautiful game in 2011. However, overall this game has good graphics, even when approaching a certain texture will be seen how the poor quality of graphic design. While the affairs of the sound, this game brings a lot of orchestral music.

  • Strong narrative
  • Gameplay honed
  • Multiplayer has been improved
  • Display is less satisfactory
  • Not much new in this game
Specifications for CoD: Modern Warfare 3
  • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Shader 3.0 or better 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT / ATI Radeon X1950 or better
  • DirectX: DirectX 9.0c or better
  • Hard Drive: 16 GB of space needs
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c or better


Review Dell XPS 15Z

Dell return spawn they latest notebook designed similar to the Macbook. With 15-inch screen but have thin dimensions, Dell XPS 15Z X15z-5834ELS 15.6-Inch Laptop (Elemental Silver) notebook has performance that is very tough.

Your judgment when looking at this closely bound notebook will be the same with our assessment. Look and design of this notebook is very similar to the Apple MacBook Pro (except rounded Dell logo on the cover is attached to her, not the Apple logo).

If you love the design of Apple but couldn't get off of the Windows operating system, this notebook is perfect for you. Look out for the XPS 15Z looks elegant with cover lid of metal materials, with a thin design, and design without corner. At the end of this notebook, there is also a list from which further sweeten the appearance of chrome. Overall the XPS 15Z look pretty and thin enough to 15 inch notebook class.

After opening the cover lid to test the notebook, we were stunned to see the layout panel of the keyboard and speakers which "again" mimics the design of the Apple Macbook Pro. Even arrow keys at the bottom is also very similar. It's just that, a different font is used, is a bit unique. The buttons of the keyboard in notebook is also equipped with backlit for ease of typing in a dark place.

We regret why Dell mimics the design of the Macbook Pro got that far. Whereas there is still enough space for added some multimedia functions to shortcut keys and numeric pad.

Speakers at both sides of the keyboard have a clear enough, although output bass produced not enough taste. A song with bass optimization we play sound usual mediocrity. However, if you run the song acoustically, the resulting sound is very nice, clear, and his treble feels fit.

Switch to the performance side, behind the sweet and elegant designs, XPS 15Z equipped kitchen a fierce runway. Intel Core i7 processor 2.7 GHz embedded generation two as his brain. Therefore, working on various applications in multitasking is not a matter that is hard to do. Dedicated Nvidia graphics card plus GT525M, you don't have to worry when faced with a pretty heavy duty multimedia.

In the game Dragon Age 2 tests we did, Ultra High settings used feels very overload the system. But when it was revealed to be High, the game became fluent. But the sound was very annoying fan feels. The workload is high enough, it seems the fan should work extra hard. After playing a while, this notebook high temperatures also in the bottom feels so hot.

Various connection port on the left and production notebook. There is a mini display port, HDMI, USB 2.0 as well as in combination with E-SATA and also two USB 3.0 SuperSpeed.

Dell XPS 15Z does have a relatively thin thickness for 15-inch notebook class. Connectivity had was fairly complete. Performance it offers is also fairly robust, supported a new generation of Intel Core i7. If you crave a notebook with attractive design and excellent performance, the Dell XPS 15Z could be a consideration.

Plus: a thin Design, full connectivity, steady performance.

Minus: noisy Fan, temperature is high enough, expensive.

Assessment Score
  • Performance: 4.5
  • Facilities: 4.25
  • Use: 4
  • Price: 1.5
  • Total Score: 3.73